Porn is for losers?

“Porn is for losers” says Playboy’s Pamela Anderson. What a minute! Isn’t this the same Pamela Anderson that got her start to fame and fortune through pornography? I understand that she first appeared on the cover of Playboy in October of 1989, at 22 years old. And before the age of 23, she earned the […]

“Interview” with Margaret Trudeau

I had the pleasure of seeing Margaret Trudeau speak a couple of weeks ago, so this isn’t a “real” interview. Rather, a summary of the great talk I was blessed to enjoy. I will admit, my reasons for wanting to see her in the first place were a bit selfish and shallow. I was born […]

Interview with Rosy Batalia

Everyone I interview is important. They are real people who take time out of their lives to be vulnerable with me and to expose personal parts of their lives. They do this with the hope that their story might touch someone else’s; that it might make a difference. In this case, maybe even save a […]

7 Secrets to a Successful Season

Tis not the season to be jolly in the counsellor’s office. Christmas is by far the busiest time of the year in my practice – when most clients are at their worst. Please enjoy the list I have compiled to help lessen the holiday blues. 1. Remember why you are celebrating What does Christmas mean? […]

Interview with Sheldon Taylor

From Rags to Riches . . . Health Wealth, that is 😉 I knew when I first met this man who was running the retail shop at the Richmond Olympic Oval that he had an attractive energy that had a story behind it . . . and boy was I right. Family Background Sheldon grew […]

We Are Losing Our Children!

What is happening in our culture right now, is happening inside of our homes . . . and is it killing our kids? Bigger is better, and acquiring and accumulating is progress? I don’t think so. Last year attended a number of Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) screenings, and was reminded of a very important […]

Interview with Sarah Jickling

When Sarah first got diagnosed @ age 20 with Bipolar Type 2, the doctor didn’t explain it and she didn’t accept it. She did some research on her own, but no one was really talking about it that she could relate to. Catherine Zeta Jones was, but Zorro wasn’t her thing. “This couldn’t be my […]


Please enjoy our guest blogger, Sue Clough, as she shares with us a sermon she gave at First Metropolitan United Church in Victoria on Sunday August 28th. The context for her talk that day was to a congregation, but if you aren’t a person of faith or suffer from church or religion disillusionment, don’t let […]

Alcohol — Is it a problem?

I read a great article entitled “We Need to Talk (About Our Drinking)” in the Globe and Mail on Sunday June 29, 2014: It reminded me that I have been meaning to write a blog post on alcohol in our culture, but I haven’t been brave enough.  So here it goes . . . […]